Who We Are

The Worshipful Company of Farmers is a 'modern' Livery Company, ranking 80th in precedence, and promotes all aspects of farming.

Who we are

Our close affinity with farming ensures the Company is strongly aligned to the key issues facing the industry today - quality food at affordable prices, global food security, climate change, biodiversity and environmental protection. The Worshipful Company of Farmers is a Livery Company that continues to grow, with some 400 members, of whom 350 are Liverymen.

A key goal of the Company is to develop the skills of everyone involved in the farming industry especially the development of leadership and management skills. The Company, through its Charitable efforts, provides substantial financial support to students to attend specialised educational courses to help to develop these skills.

The two flagship courses supported and promoted by the Company are the three week long Advanced Course in Agricultural Business Management, run at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, and the two week Challenge of Rural Leadership course run by the Duchy College. Since their inception in 1963 more than 1,600 delegates have completed these courses and some of their testimonials can be read under the individual course details. Many of these individuals now hold very senior positions in the farming world.

In addition to the two flagship courses above the Company manages the Henman Trust which, in collaboration with Savills UK, sponsors one outstanding candidate every year for a Nuffield Scholarship for up to £10,000.

Another student support activity of the company is the annual award of cash prizes to twelve outstanding agricultural students at various colleges around the UK recommended by their own college Principals.

In January 2015 the Company announced the merger of the MBA Scholarship charity, founded by Liveryman John Beckett, with the other charities and there is a press release with the details.

One of the Company's primary objectives is to raise monies for our Charities relating to the farming industry. Over the years a number of Liverymen have made substantial bequests to the Company which are used to help support our educational activities and many have committed legacies in their wills. For more information on how legacies can be enacted click here: Liverymen legacies