Past Events

March 2018

  • 16th (Fri)

    2018 United Guilds Service & luncheon at Plaisterer's Hall

    Venue: St Paul's Cathedral and Plaisterer's Hall

    Starts: 11:00am

    Details: The Guilds of the City of London annual church service

  • 06th (Tue)

    Alastair Martin - Secretary and Keeper of Records at the Duchy of Cornwall speaks at March luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

    Details: Spring Court meeting and Livery luncheon held at Farmers & Fletchers Hall

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  • 05th (Mon)

    Alice Raynor takes another step towards becoming a Liveryman

    Venue: Chamberlain's Court

    Details: Becoming a Liveryman through servitude is a largely symbolic and historical route - Alice Raynor is following it diligently

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February 2018

  • 28th (Wed)

    2018 City Food Lecture

    Venue: Guildhall

    Starts: 5:30pm

    Details: The Annual City Livery Companies' Food Lecture

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  • 13th (Tue)

    Wet and windy at the 2018 Inter-Livery Pancake Race

    Starts: 12:00pm

    Details: The Farmer's team bravely battled the wind, the rain and recalcitrant pancakes in Guildhall Yard

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  • 08th (Thu)

    WCF visit to New Holland in Basildon

    Details: After a very successful partnership at the LMS the Company were invited to visit the New Holland factory in Basildon

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  • 05th (Mon)

    It wasn't all classroom work at the 2018 Challenge of Rural Leadership

    Details: Delegates lucky enough to be selected for the 2018 Challenge of Rural Leadership - say it was life changing

January 2018

  • 17th (Wed)

    Ex CLA President - David Fursdon principle guest at the 2018 WCF Annual Livery Banquet

    Venue: Stationers' Hall

    Details: The Company's annual white tie banquet

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  • 11th (Thu)

    Annual WCF Agricultural Lecture and Dinner - details announced

    Details: More information released on one of the Company's key annual events

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December 2017

  • 05th (Tue)

    Common Hall and Christmas Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Clothworkers' Hall

    Details: The 2017 Common Hall and Christmas Luncheon were held in the magnificent surroundings of Clothworkers' Hall

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November 2017

  • 11th (Sat)

    Farmers at the Lord Mayor's Show

    Venue: City of London

    Details: The WCF supported by the NFU and New Holland in the Lord Mayor's Parade

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October 2017

  • 10th (Tue)

    2017 Court and Installation Luncheon

    Venue: Haberdashers Hall

    Details: The installation of the new Master

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  • 07th (Sat)

    Master makes award at Westminster Dragoons Annual Dinner

    Details: Master makes award at the 98th Annual Dinner of the Westminster Dragoons Regimental Association

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September 2017

  • 29th (Fri)

    2017 Election of the Lord Mayor of London

    Details: An 'All Liveries' - Common Hall at the Guildhall, followed by lunch at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

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  • 24th (Sun)

    2017 Annual Livery Sheep Drive

    Venue: London Bridge

    Details: The Woolmens' charity sheep drive over London Bridge

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  • 18th (Mon)

    2017 Masters & Clerks Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

    Details: The Annual WCF Luncheon for Masters and Clerks of the City Livery Companies

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July 2017

  • 03rd (Mon)
    04rd (Tue)

    The 2017 Master's Summer Outing

    Venue: Nocton Estate and Belvoir Estate & Castle

    Details: A fascinating and inspiring visit to two exceptional venues in the Master's home county of Lincolnshire

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June 2017

  • 23rd (Fri)
    24rd (Sat)

    Heritage Skills Festival

    Venue: Lincoln Cathedral

    Details: Celebrating the life of the City of London Livery Companies

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  • 06th (Tue)

    June 2017 Court & Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers and Fletchers' Hall

    Details: Reporting on a very successful couple of days for the Company.

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  • 05th (Mon)
    05th (Mon)

    Health and Wellbeing Forum

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

    Details: The Master hosts an important, national workshop on the topic of mental health in farming at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

  • 02nd (Fri)

    City Dip 2017

    Venue: Golden Lane Sort and Fitness Pool

    Details: Details of the 2017 City Dip

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April 2017

  • 12th (Wed)

    2017 Agricultural Lecture & Dinner

    Venue: Plaisterers' Hall

    Details: An opportunity for Liverymen and Alumni of WCF courses to get together with friends and guests

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  • 10th (Mon)

    WCF Dissertation Prize Award at City University of London

    Venue: City University London

    Details: Martin Odegard wins WCF prize

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March 2017

  • 07th (Tue)

    Sainsbury's Judith Batchelar speaks at the March Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers Hall

    Details: March Court and Livery Luncheon

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February 2017

  • 28th (Tue)

    Flipping good effort but no prizes at 2017 Inter-Livery Pancake Race

    Venue: Guildhall Yard

    Details: The annual pancake race held in the Guildhall Courtyard

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  • 21st (Tue)

    Reconnecting with consumers theme at 2017 City Food Lecture

    Venue: Guildhall

    Details: Multi Food Livery sponsored event at the Guildhall

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  • 01st (Wed)

    Oxford Farming Conference Report

    Details: Feedback from our OFC delegates

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January 2017

  • 19th (Thu)
    20th (Thu)

    8th Inter-livery Ski Championships

    Venue: Morzine, France

    Details: The 8th Inter-lIvery Ski Competition

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  • 17th (Tue)

    The 2017 Worshipful Company of Farmers Annual Banquet

    Venue: Goldsmiths'Hall, Foster Lane, London, EC2V 6BN

    Starts: 6:30pm

    Details: The Annual Livery Banquet

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December 2016

  • 10th (Sat)

    Celebration of British Livestock in the City of London

    Venue: St Paul's Cathedral

    Details: Fund raising event for the City Farms

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  • 06th (Tue)

    Common Hall and Christmas Luncheon

    Venue: Fishmongers Hall, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9EL

    Starts: 10:30am

    Details: Tuesday December 6th 2016 Common Hall and Christmas Luncheon at Fishmongers Hall

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November 2016

  • 19th (Sat)

    Read the WCF Autumn Newsletter online - now

    Details: Release of the latest edition of the newsletter

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  • 12th (Sat)

    Lord Mayor's Show

    Venue: London

    Details: WCF at the 2016 Lord Mayor's Show

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October 2016

  • 11th (Tue)

    Harvest Festival, Installation Ceremony and Livery Luncheon 2016

    Venue: Haberdashers Hall

    Details: Installation of new Master and luncheon

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September 2016

  • 25th (Sun)

    Annual Livery Sheep Drive

    Venue: London Bridge

    Starts: 11:07am

    Details: An opportunity to exercise the right of Freemen to drive sheep over London Bridge

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  • 20th (Tue)

    Visit to the Surrey Docks Farm

    Venue: Surrey Docks Farm

    Details: Representatives of the Company visit Surrey Docks Farm

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  • 19th (Mon)

    Masters & Clerks Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletcher's Hall

    Details: Masters and their Clerks attend lunch at Farmers & Fletcher's Hall

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July 2016

  • 27th (Wed)

    Farmers marshal the Sheriffs

    Venue: City of London

    Details: Members of the Livery support the Sheriff's City charity ride

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June 2016

  • 29th (Wed)

    Military Affiliations and Awards

    Details: The latest awards to our affiliates in the services

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  • 13th (Mon)
    14th (Tue)

    The Master's Summer Outing

    Venue: Dorsington Estate, Dorsington, Warwickshire

    Starts: 3:00pm

    Details: The annual Summer visit this year took us to Warwickshire

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  • 07th (Tue)

    June 2016 Court Meeting and Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers and Fletchers Hall

    Details: Mid-year Court Meeting and Luncheon for Company and Guests

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April 2016

  • 13th (Wed)

    The 2016 Agricultural Lecture & Dinner

    Venue: Merchant Taylor's Hall, 30 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8JB

    Starts: 6:00pm

    Details: Annual Agricultural Lecture

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March 2016

  • 11th (Fri)

    United Guilds Service and Luncheon 11th March 2016

    Venue: St Paul's Cathedral

    Details: United Guilds Service followed by luncheon at Farmers' and Fletchers' Hall

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  • 08th (Tue)

    Court Meeting and Livery Luncheon 8th March 2016

    Venue: Farmers' and Fletchers' Hall, Three Cloth Street

    Details: The inaugural Livery Lunch at Three Cloth Street

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February 2016

  • 16th (Tue)

    16th Feb 2016 The City Food Lecture

    Venue: Guildhall, London

    Details: The annual City Food Lecture is organised by the seven 'food' related Liveries and given by a well known speaker with extensive industry experience. A very popular event with more than 500 attendees.

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  • 09th (Tue)

    9 Feb 2016 Inter-Livery Pancake Race

    Venue: Guildhall Yard, London

    Starts: 12:00pm

    Details: Annual Inter-Livery Pancake Race

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  • 08th (Mon)

    Professor Allan Buckwell launches the WCF's 'Possible Agricultural Implications of BREXIT' paper at the Farmers and Fletchers Hall

    Venue: Farmers and Fletchers Hall, 3 Cloth Street, London

    Starts: 10:30am

    Details: Launch of the Brexit report

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January 2016

  • 20th (Wed)

    Annual Livery Banquet 20th Jan 2016

    Venue: Clothworkers' Hall, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AH

    Details: A splendid affair enjoyed by over 200 liverymen and guests

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September 2015

  • 27th (Sun)

    Annual Sheep Drive across London Bridge Sunday Sept 15th 2015

    Venue: South Side London Bridge, 12.:30

July 2015

  • 25th (Sat)

    Summer Ball 25th July 2015

    Venue: Girton College, Cambridge, CB3 0JG

    Details: This spectacular event had been organised by Liveryman Karen Mercer and her committee.

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June 2015

  • 29th (Mon)
    30th (Tue)

    Livery Outing to Suffolk June 30th 2015

    Venue: Suffolk

    Details: The Master’s theme is the History of a Suffolk Farm over some 80 years, with a number of examples of successful 21st Century diversification.

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