Leadership and Management Programme LAMP

A training course aimed young agriculturalists

Keele University - venue for the LAMP Course
Keele University the venue for the 2017 LAMP Course

The WCF Leadership and Management Programme - LAMP

LAMP, is a new course introduced in 2017. It is designed to ladder into our existing course structure and is aimed specifically at young agriculturalists on the first rung of the management ladder.

Delegates on the LAMP course might be farmers’ sons or daughters who have returned home, or school leavers and young adults from many social backgrounds, who are employed in the industry and who wish to commence on a journey into agricultural management. It is likely that they will already have good practical farming and countryside skills, but now wish to develop their management abilities.

Each year we will select between fourteen and eighteen delegates, aged between 20 and 30 years.  The programme starts at 8am each day, with project work sometimes not finishing 10pm. The delegates will be working hard throughout the week.

The course content will focus on broadening the delegates’ understanding of how a successful business operates, how to better apply their existing technical knowledge in a more managerial context, develop financial management skills and how to more effectively engage with other people. Classroom work and lectures will be interspersed with farm business visits and project work. 

It is anticipated that the students will also gain significantly from sharing ideas with their fellow delegates as well as through the insightful input from the lecturers, external speakers and course work. There is no exam at the end, but a feedback report will be offered to each attendee.

In summary, the principle aims of the course are:

  • Creating a strong theoretical and practical foundation for young people to prepare and enable them to take on leadership and management responsibilities within the rural sector with confidence

  •  To help young people who are keen to develop their skill to the  benefit themselves their business or their employer 

  •   To assist with personal development and contribute to the educational standards of the wider rural community

All of the course planning will be done by Dr Richard Soffe and his team, with further input from Livery volunteers. 

Applying to join the Leadership and Management Course

Interviews for the course will usually be held atFarmers' and Fletchers' Hall,Three Cloth Street, London with dates announced on this website well in advance. If you think you might be interested in  applying to join a future LAMP course download and consider the prospectus via the link below and if you want further information you can contact Pam Corbett via the email address below. 

For enquiries please contact Pam Corbett on pam@abbeyfarms.co.uk.

You can find more details of the LAMP course and an application form here - Lamp Prospectus 201